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KnB commission for tawnyport!

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sempai pls




im sorry

My favorite from the basketball anime? This babe here.

/screams porto’s name from 4 continents away

Working on commissions and previous art trades I haven’t finished ;3;

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For my best friend of 8 yrs, hulyanina.

And if you haven’t read milkcustard's Audition, you better go read it. 

commissions | art blog

Makoto: Please?~
Sei: All right, all right. But don’t drink too much, okay?
Makoto: I know you’re “ticklish” there but—
Sei: No, I’m not!

I felt extremely unmotivated today so I scrolled down the seimako tag for inspiration and I thought of a modern vampire AU???? And Seijuurou gets easily turned on when Makoto bites him and they both get rly awkward ahuehuehuehue I just don’t rly feel well today so I couldn’t think of things hhhhhh

im sorry

I’ve been sneakily sniffing about in the tag ahahaha /sweats nervously


The idea of cheerleader Yoshi is from pavaal’s translation of a convo from the mobile game, and baseball bby Goto is from flamen-curry’s translation of the character talks cd.

And omg the event is over, the live tweets were scary for kanji-fearing eyes uguuu ヒーローは終わらない!

Because I have this feeling I will become invested in this when the time comes.. :)) I’ll just try to get ahead ahahahaha

Was drawing this till 3am haha I guess I fell asleep. Good morning!

Quickly turning this overnight into an art meet :))

Commission for mizuaoi!

Huntress Wizard is a frumpy college kid, named Hunter. Because creativity was not strong that day. 

sneakers, jeans, and a purple hoodie with a beige hood. Short brown hair, mussy, green eyes. Shes an Archer and Biology major. Olive skin. ish.

Jungle Princess is a super cute fashionable girl. Zoology major. 

She’s actually kinda dark but not that dark. I wanna saaaay like warm chocolate if that makes sense.

they both take Biology classes together and like animals and hunter is a tsun tsun. the usual

I miss the AT fandom actually XD I should catch up soon! If you wanna commission me, details are here yo~

One last post before I go to bed! Because Atsushi was picking this pair of glasses in the official pic, I decided I had to draw it! ;3;