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The day my brother listened to Il Volo

Well my brother is a fan of all sorts of music, mostly hiphop, rock, and dubstep. But I’ve never seen him listen to anything close to classical music. So one day I decided that I subconsciously get his opinion on Il Volo.

We were alone in the house that day, on our laptops, sitting beside each other because he had no homework. I noticed that he had no earphones on so I asked him if I could play something on my laptop. He said he was cool with it so I went ahead and played Il Volo’s album.

Il Mondo played. I was listening intently while tumblring and drawing stuff. WHen Gian sang the first few words, he stopped for a while but to my shock he didn’t complain at all. He just listened to them with me all afternoon until the album eventually looped.

When our mom got home we had to turn off the music because she wanted to watch tv. We were all in the same area of the house and we didn’t really want to stand up because we were already comfy.

A bit later, I heard him trying to sing ‘O Sole Mio.

I guess he likes them <3

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And so begins my Piero photo spam! <3

I’ll do a spam of the other two next time :>

Yay for wallpaper!

If you guys have links to HD vids of their interviews, I’ll make wallpapers from that! I want to fill my Il Volo picture folder with stuff XD

This is also to make up for Gian’s lack of appearance in the last set of gifs I posted OTL

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